Guide to Using Tricep Exercises

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Browse 20+ Tricep Exercises

Tricep Exercises

Use this section to browse through 20+ tricep exercises that specifically target your tricep muscles.

All of the tricep exercises proposed are shown using animated images as well as helpful tips and comments on how to get the most out of your time spent doing tricep exercises.

Muscles Targeted by Tricep Exercises

Advantages of Tricep Exercises

Tricep exercises target the muscles located behind your upper arms, opposite of the bicep muscles, which are located in front.

They are known as the tricep muscles, since triceps are actually a group of 3 muscles, each with different origins.

As with most fitness exercises you'll probably need the input of other muscles as well when performing tricep exercises.

Most of the times, you'll need additional input from your forearms, especially your inner forearms, as well as your chest and shoulder muscles.

Motions Used by Tricep Exercises

Tips for Tricep Exercises

As with chest muscles, tricep muscles are involved whenever there is a pushing motion, that is you are pushing something away from you, or pushing down on something.

Specifically, tricep exercises involve the extension of the arm, or in other words the extension of the elbow.

Pushing motions are used in day to day activities and are ubiquitous in sports, notably whenever tackling is involved, throwing balls or swinging various kinds of racket for examples.

Importance of Using Tricep Exercises

Tips for Tricep Exercises

You'll need to use tricep exercises when working out in order to avoid the dreaded muscle imbalance problem.

Muscle imbalance occurs whenever a group of muscles becomes overdeveloped compared to neighbouring ones.

This can happen to your triceps in the event that you workout your bicep muscles too much, or you chest muscles.